Serving to Serve

Our Vision

Create social change and transform the lives of underprivileged children through sport.

Our Mission

Through life time sports such as squash and tennis, build life skills to develop teamwork, responsibility and character, inculcating the ethic of learning and reasoning in every child.

Khelshala aims to be a leader in the movement of leveraging sport in India, one village at a time.


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Khelshala is committed to enhance the future of underprivileged children by building life skills through Sports (S), Academics (A), and Yoga (Y), for their well being. This is Khelshala’s S.A.Y. Program.

It aims to :
  • Ignite a desire in the hearts and minds of our young to improve their future prospects through the path of higher academic learning
  • Make better citizens of our young generation when they grow up
Sport: By introducing a lifetime sport like squash or tennis, Khelshala attracts children to the program and helps them develop teamwork, responsibility and character.

Academics: Khelshala emphasizes the importance of education at all times and strives to inculcate the ethic of learning, reasoning in each child.

Yoga: Through Yoga, Khelshala helps children build a healthy and stress free life, allowing them to embrace well-being through association of Mind and Body.

The Sport component also has a gym and cardio centre for cross training, while the Academic component is enhanced further by the computer learning centre. In addition to Yoga, Khelshala also provides nutrition and supplementary vitamins as necessary for the overall development of the children.

Across the entire S.A.Y. Program, there is an emphasis on the children to pick up values of :
  • Personal and community hygiene
  • Dignity of labour and self reliance
  • Honesty and integrity

Our Goals

Khelshala is committed to help each child regardless of his / her skill sets to achieve their optimal potential.
We are preparing our children for a promising future.

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