Satinder Bajwa

Satinder Pal Bajwa is a renowned figure in the world of squash. Having coached the Harvard University squash team for over a decade, Baj - as he is known to most people - moved to India to give back to the community through the sport that he has dedicated his life to.

Baj was born in India but moved to the United Kingdom at a very young age, where he completed his schooling. Thereafter he moved to the United States of America as a squash player, and later as a coach. As a player, in the 1980s he was ranked on both the North American hard ball and the International squash tours. Still competing as a senior, he has won the US National Championships in the over 35 and over 45 age categories.

Baj has served as the head coach at the United States Military Academy (1985-88), the Stripes Club's National Squash League team in London, and at Harvard University, USA. Over the course of his illustrious career, Baj has coached many world class players. He was the personal coach and manager of Jansher Khan for 6 of the 8 years that Jansher was world champion

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